Is your data protected?

If your business experienced a disaster event, how much could you afford to lose?

Data backups are insurance for your business data. Backups proactively prevent data loss if a failure or disaster event happens. Effective backups help to protect your data. Quick restores provide limited downtime if a disaster event occurs.


Quickly and easily scale your service up or down.


Fast backups, quick restores, secure data.

Comprehensive Backup

Backup any device with protection for both physical and virtual systems, including Office 365.

True Backups

Our backups are a historical point in time copy, not a sync of your data.

Why backing up Office 365 is critical

5 reasons to back up Office 365

• Data remains the customer’s responsibility.
• Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure, availability and uptime for you as a user, but do not provide a true backup of your data. A true backup is a historical point in time copy.
• Office 365 backups can protect you against many security threats, such as accidental deletion, retention policy gaps and confusion, internal security threats, external security threats and legal and compliance requirements
• 3Point IT Office 365 backups are true historical point in time copy backups.
• Quick data restores reduce downtime from data loss.

Our Plans

Office 365 Backup

Backup Office 365 SharePoint, OneDrive, email and files hourly.
  • 50GB Sstorage per user
  • Additional storage optional
  • Sydney Data Centre
  • Hourly backups
  • Backup agent included
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Server Backup

Complete onsite and offsite backup solution for your server including storage and agent.
  • 500GB Storage
  • Additional storage $20 per 100GB
  • Onsite and Sydney Data Centre
  • Custom backup schedule
  • Backup agent included
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