nbn Internet

A reliable internet connection is vital for the everyday running of your business.

3Point IT supports your business, so you have the right connection to suit your business’ needs. As a nbn Business Accredited Advisor, we provide advice to suit your business. Access cloud-based systems with fast internet speeds. Enjoy feature-rich, low-cost VoIP communications that uses your internet connection.

Business Grade

3Point IT only use business grade, dedicated nbn, network, and Wi-Fi equipment.


Quickly and easily scale your high quality network equipment and nbn plan.


Stay protected with the latest security for your nbn routers, network and wireless equipment.


We include features such as guest access portal, outdoor IP-rated and long-range equipment to suit your business' unique needs.


We make sure you have coverage everywhere you need it.

Enhance your business’ productivity and efficiency with 3Point IT’s business-grade wireless networks. We can easily make changes, troubleshoot problems and keep your system updated with our cloud managed equipment.

Let us improve your business.

We will help you with your nbn or wireless questions.